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Drum ‘n bass or DnB, D&B or Drum and bass is a dance genre that rose in 90’s and remained is popularity in de 21th century. A closely related Music Genre is jungle. Drum ‘n Bass is characterized by rhythmic drum and the use of low frequency bass tones with main essentials of DnB song. The most typiscal thing for a Drum and Bass song is the fast breakbeats with approximately 150 – 180 beats per minute. Drum and Base is originated in the Rave scene around the early 90’s, there from originated ‘Jungle’ in the late 90’s. Different sources tell this genre originated when someone played the song ‘The payback’ from James Brown fasted than normal which made the typical rhythm of Drum and Bass. However this is not true, the origine of this genre comes from the song ‘Amen Brother’ of The Winstons. The difference between Drum and Bass and Jungle is according to most people a difference in opinion. The difference can be manifested in the use of more complex rhythms in the Jungle genre, while Drum and Bass gives more attention to the dance aspect of the music. Because of this Jungle is characterized as more rough and more influenced by Hiphop, raga and dub, while Drum and bass then again is more characterized as synthesiser and influenced by Techno. Some famous Drum an bass artists are Andy C, Camo & Krooked and Alex Clare. Some Videogames even used some DnB tracks, the most popular game that uses Drum and Bass Tracks is ‘Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto’.

Examples of drum ‘n bass subgenres are:

- Darkstep

- Hardstep

- Funkstep

- Dancefloor

- Jump-up

- Liquid funk

- Jazzstep

- ..

Fusion genres that originated throughout the years are:

- Breakcore

- Digital hardcore

- Raggacore

- Technoid

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