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Folk is the genre name for song’s that are originally English traditional Music. One of the most important music instruments in the Folk genre are the fiddle, banjo and the accordion. This music genre has arisen in the 50’s and became really popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Folk is related to blues and country. Mostly Folk songs are played acoustic and not electrically amplified.

In 2000 psychedelic folk originated in America. These songs were particularly experimental music where they mixed folk songs with different music genres. They also speak of New Weird America when they are talking about psychedelic folk but the meaning of this genre is a little bit more wide and also consists of non-folkbands.

Several famous musicians in this genre are Woody Guthrie,Joan Baez, Iain Matthews and last but not least the famous singer Bob Dylan. Woody Guthrie was a singer/songwriter whoset examples about which issues and subject folk singers could sing about. The tunes he used came often from traditional and popular songs. He was known to sing about important issues in the world and bring it to the public in simple language. Bob Dylan is for the new generation a little bit more famous. Famous songs from Bob Dylan are ‘knockin on heaven’s door’ and ‘like a rolling stone’. He revolutionized present music by adding folk and blues into timely and ageless songs. After a performance where he used an electric guitar, he received a lot of criticism that came from folk lovers. The third famous Folk singer is Bill Monroe which got recognized as the founder of American Bluegrass music.

Subgenres that emerged from Folk throughout the years are:

- Irish Folk

- Bluegrass

The fusion genres that have emerged out of Folk are:

- Folkrock

- Folkjazz

- Indiefolk

- Folktronica

- Vikingmetal

- Americana

- Anti-folk

- …

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