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Metal or Heavy Metal is a genre that emanates from the genre hard rock in the ‘70’s of the 20th century. After 10 years this genre lost popularity because of the rise of the disco years, after the ‘80s Heavy Metal again gained some popularity and became more popular than ever before. The characteristics of Heavy Metal are aggressive rhythms, heavily amplified electric guitars and dark tones. The band that’s considered as the first heavy metal band is the very famous Black Sabbath. Other famous heavy metal bands are: Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Saxon and Judas Priest. Someone who is a fan of heavy metal is called a metal head, head banger or metal maniac. The subject are often about religion, social problems and even about fictional or macabre subjects. Instruments that are often used in heavy metal are electric guitars, Drums and Keyboards.

The beginning of heavy metal when It wasn’t rock anymore and it became a genre on is own is harto describe, there was a gradual transition. In the ‘60s there originated a genre ‘Acid Rock’ from Rock and after that in the late 60’s Heavy Metal emerged. Acid Rock became popular because of the famous artist Jimi Hendrix. Acid rock is a genre with the same components as rock like an electrical guitar, bass and drums but in more dark and heavier way. Heavy Metal was again one step darker and heavier than acid rock. Besides Black Sabbat, Led Zeppelin was also a very famous band that contributed a lot to popularity of Heavy Metal.

Subgenres that have emerged throughout the years are:

- Avant-gardemetal

- Black metal

- Gothic metal

- Doom metal

- Progressive Metal

- Folk metal

- ….

There also originated some fusion genres like:

- Alternative Metal

- Blackened death metal

- Metal core

- Sludge metal

- Rap core

- Nu metal

- …

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