Oldies Radio

Oldies tunes are mostly from R&B, pop and rock music genres. Jazz,classical and other genres are generally not considered oldies music. Some of those genres have their own oldies style, for example classic country. Occasionally the term is used to describe the rare station that includes 1940s music as well, although music from before 1955 is typically the domain of the adult standards format. However the term constitutes ambiguity for people who like old dancing music.

Some people call ‘’oldies’’ as ‘’golden oldies’’, this term refers to music especially from the 50’s and 60’s. Oldies radio stations features artist as : Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Micheal Jackson, Beach Boys and Chuck Berry. The most ‘’oldies’’ stations has a limit of 300 songs on their on-air playlist, this list is based by the choice of all listeners. A drawback to this concept is the constant heavy rotation and repetition of the station's program library, as well as rejection of the format by active listeners. Oldies has some agreements with the classic rock music, because this genre concentrates also on the music of the late 60’s and 70’s and plays sometimes older song.

Oldies stations did not come into existence until the early 70’s. In the 70’s KOOL FM and Phoenix become the first ‘oldies’ radio station and one of the most popular radio stations. The radio station KOOL FM is still playing oldies music.

A subgenre of oldies is classic hits, this music provides the best oldies with some rock, R&B and POP hits. This type of music is a mix of 70’s music and the more broad-bases oldies music. Many stations play this type of music because this is a very popular genre. Listeners love it when they hear some music from the past. That is something else than just the current top 40 music.

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