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Punk is a music genre that emerged from the music style Rock, that’s why it’s also called Punk Rock. Punk was developed around 1975 in Australia and the United Kingdom. Bands in the Punk genre make songs with a fast rhythm, hard-edged melodies and political lyrics. Typical in the Punk genre is that they embrace a Do it yourself principle. Most of the punk bands record their own songs and try to distribute them through easygoing channels. The first time people started using the word ‘punk’ was by Americans in the 70’s . In 1976 bands like the Sex Pistols, The Damend, The Ramones where named as the leaders of this new music genre. The music genre was associated with the new generation with social discontent, in particular, the traditional class consciousness and the on that moment economic downturn in England. This generation tried to express themselves with Punk Music. The music genre gained a lot of popularity in the late ’70 in the United Kingdom and in the western metropolitan centers like London, Los Angeles and Melbourne. 3 of the most popular Punk bands are Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Ramones. The Dead Kennedys was a band who made political songs with a dark sense of humor where they sang about horrific moments that happened in the past and the problems in the recent civilization. Black Flag is definitely one of the most famous punk band around with songs like Life of Pain and Depression. The Ramones are without a doubt the most famous punk band around. When listening to their songs you’ll see that band has a weird sense of humor but still have a lot of popular songs like ‘ Chain Saw’ and I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement’.

There have emerged a lot of Subgenres from punk, namely:

- Christian Punk

- Art Punk

- Garage Punk

- Hardcore Punk Oi!

- ….

After a couple of years there also have developed a couple of fusion genre like:

- Anti-folk

- Avant-punk

- Punk jazz

- Punk blues

- Punk cabaret

- …

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