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R&B, also known as Rhythm & Blues is a term to describe the blues influenced form of music performed by African-Americans since 1930. This term was introduced into the American lexicon in 1948. This term was officially created for a musical marketing term by a billboard magazine.

The "Rhythm & Blues" term was created to replace the designation "race music," which until then was the standard catch-all phase used in reference to most music made by blacks at the time.

After the Race music term was deemed offensive, Billboard began using R&B name that Wexler officially created. The meaning behind the name is this: the "rhythm" part comes from the music's typical dependence upon four-beat measures or bars and employ a backbeat (beats two and four accented in each measure). And the "blues" portion came from the lyrics and melodies of the songs, which were often sad, or 'blue' during the music's emergence in the World War II era. Over time the name was shortened to R&B as a matter of convenience. Around 1970, rhythm and blues was also being used as a term to describe soul and funk as well. Today this can be used to define the most African-American urban street music, also soul and funk can be placed in this category.

Continuing from the 1990s and early 2000s, R&B, like many other genres, drew influences from the technical innovations of the time and began to incorporate more electronic and machine-made sounds and instruments. The evolutions of the genre's production and instrumentation have spurred the successes of performers such as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, John Legend, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Miguel, Janelle Monáe, and The Weeknd. Beyoncé is now one of the most popular R&B artist, her amazing attitude and sound makes her the perfect artist. Ariane Grande is a upcoming talent and is very popular by the youth.

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