Gadgets you’ll need for the best driving experience


Who doesn’t like a great road trip with their friends? When you are about to make a road trip, it’s nice to have some equipment in your car that may help improve your driving experience! In this blog you’ll read more about the must-cave car accessories for the perfect road trip. 

Dash cam

Imagine having a car accident and trying to have to tell the insurance company that the accident wasn’t your fault. That can be pretty hard. When you’ve got a camera on your dashboard, you can actually prove that the accident wasn’t your fault! Most dash cams easily transfer footage from the camera to your phone or laptop.

Bluetooth FM transmitter

Sometimes the radio in the car doesn’t work well, or you just want to play your own songs during your drive. You can hook your phone up to a transmitter and be able to play your own music! Most transmitters, you can put right into the cigarette lighter socket. You can probably even use it as a hands-free calling device as well and some of these transmitters even charge your phone!

Arteck car jump starter

It might happen that your car won’t start when you’re trying to go for a drive. Waiting for a tow truck service or someone who is willing to help you, can cost you a lot of time. The Arteck is a small, handy device that can lump your vehicle up to twenty times on a single charge. Heavy duty cables and a clamp are built in.

Also: this device can charge any portable device. So, when the battery of your phone is getting empty, you can also use the Arteck to charge your phone. 

Rear view camera

The rear view camera, or as we say in The Netherlands: achteruitrijcamera, is the solution for anyone who finds parking challenging. With the help of this camera, you can see what’s happening behind you and automatically decrease the possibility of an accident. Some cars already have a built in achteruitrijcamera, but if your car doesn’t have one, you can always buy one and install it.  

Mini fridge

When you have got a long drive ahead of you, you’ll probably want something to eat or drink along the way. Especially when it’s hot outside, you probably prefer to have a cold drink. You can buy mini fridges that are made to use in the car. You can usually plug them in to the USB port. You’ll probably get a lot of uses out of this!

Car organizer

You’ve probably got a lot of stuff lying around in your car. When you have got kids, it’s probably even more. A backseat car organizer can help you to keep everything a little bit more organized. These items usually come with an array of compartments and contain flexible pockets. This allows you to keep your car neat but still keep everything within arm’s reach. 

Radar detector

Every year, thousands of people get tickets for driving too fast. Of course, speeding is not done, but a few extra miles per hour should be okay right? With a radar detector in your car, you’ll know where the speed cameras are. This will help you to avoid getting speed tickets. 

All in all, there are plenty of gadgets that you can use to make your drive a little more comfortable. Some of these items might actually be helpful in some critical situations, and others are more for fun! What items are you going to get?