Shopping at thrift stores


Shopping at thrift stores or second-hand stores used to have a stigma, but nowadays it is very trendy! Second-hand stores are not only for old people, or people who have little to spend, but also for young and hip people who want to find beautiful and unique items for a small price. You can browse through the shelves full of clothes, furniture or beautiful accessories. In this blog you can read why you should shop at a thrift store, what the advantages are and we will give some tips on how to do it.


There are many reasons why shopping at a thrift store is fun. An important reason is that it is cheap. The items are second hand and therefore you can expect a low price. If you have to watch your budget, the thrift store is a good option to spend less money. Think for example about decorating your house. This costs a lot of money and when you are young this can be difficult. You do not have to buy everything new at expensive shops. For large purchases, such as a sofa or chairs, you can also visit a few thrift stores first to see what they have to offer. Who knows, you might find something of your taste. Because it is second hand, the color might have worn off a bit, but you can easily fix this with leder farbe, leather paint, such as angelus farbe. You can use this to give the leather sofa or chairs a different color, so it looks as if it is new again.


Another reason to shop at the thrift store is because it feels like a treasure hunt. There is no fixed assortment, so every day there is something different to find. You can search for good items. If you feel like it, you can visit the same thrift store again a month later, because then there are all kinds of new items to find. Once you have found something nice, it feels like a reward that you have found something.


Besides the fact that thrift shopping is fun, it is also much better for the environment. Nowadays we throw stuff away quickly and buy a lot of new stuff. Think for example of clothes. The fast fashion industry is very polluting. By buying clothes in a thrift shop you give the garment a second life. Recycling like this is a much more sustainable way of buying clothes.


You can also find unique items at a thrift store. You can find a garment, a piece of furniture or crockery that few other people have. You can also find items that are rarely sold nowadays. Think for example of a retro radio. This is really a statement piece. Most people listen radio online, like here on Radioguide, but it can also be done in the old-fashioned way. In a thrift store you can find old-fashioned pieces that hardly anyone owns nowadays.


Now we will give you some tips to have the best experience in a thrift store and go home with nice purchases.


First of all, it is important to take your time. In a 'normal' shop everything is clearly sorted and you can quickly walk through it. This is completely different in a thrift store. There is only one copy of most things, so there is a lot to look at. This can be quite overwhelming and can result in not knowing where to begin. Make sure you take your time so you can look everywhere.


It is important to take a critical look at the items. Because of the low price you might be tempted to buy everything you like. Also, everything is second hand, so make sure it is not broken or filthy. Also think about whether you really need the items, do not just buy it because it is cheap.


If you are looking for second-hand clothing, do not stare blindly at the labels and sizes. The sizes of the past are often very different from the sizes of today. Look at the fit and not the sizes. Always try the clothes on before you take them with you, so you know they look good on you. Also check if all the buttons are still there and if there might be stains in the clothes.


These are some advantages and tips for shopping in a clothes shop. It is cheap, it is fun, you will find unique items and it is a nice activity to do.

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