The best Christmas presents to give


Holiday season is coming. You’ve probably got to get gifts for various family members, maybe even some friends. Sometimes it’s okay to look for classic gifts, but maybe your dad would like to get something else then new socks for a change. In this blog you will read more about unique Christmas gifts you can shop for your family. These gifts are probably unexpected, and will surprise the person they go to. When you’ll see how much everyone likes these unique gifts, you will probably never go back to buying all the classic Christmas gifts. 

Book about Christmas

A book is always a nice Christmas gift, but especially when it is a book about Christmas! This is a nice idea for a present for the biggest fan of Christmas in your family! There are a lot of books about Christmas: novels and cookbooks for example. Calm Christmas is a great book about Christmas. It’s also about finding pleasure in the everyday stuff. It teaches you that Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s okay to take it easy during the holidays. 


Leatherpaint is a very unique Christmas present. It is the ultimate gift for the most creative person you know! You can use it for anything, for example schoenen verven. This is a fun thing to do. That way you can make your leather shoes look brand new without having to actually buy a new pair of shoes. You can also use leerverf to paint other leather objects, such as a couch, a jacket or a hat! Painting leather is not just a nice activity, but also environmentally friendly! A great gift. 


We all listen to music! Some like listening to the radio, others like to play vinyl or listen to their own playlists. If you like to listen to music anywhere you go, you will need some headphones. This is a gift pretty much everyone will appreciate, and you’re sure that they will be used! 

Weird socks

Having socks with weird prints on them has been kind of a trend for the last few years. When you want to buy someone a small present, but want it to be unique, this is a great idea! You can find socks with all kinds of weird patterns on them. From hamburgers to kittens and from animal print to crazy smileys. Because there are so many funny socks out there, it is likely that you can find some that fit the personality of the one the gift is for!


This is a very unique Christmas present, and I can guarantee you that everyone will like this. You can either give a coupon for them to do something nice, or an activity for the both of you! You can also choose to give your parents a coupon to go out for dinner together. They will love it! Great activities to give coupons for are things like dinner, lunch, night in an hotel or something more energetic!

Personalized jewelry 

A lot of girls would love to have a piece of personalized jewelry. You can choose to give them a bracelet, ring or necklace with their name on it for example. If the jewelry is for your partner, you can also choose to put your name on it! This gift will be a guaranteed success! 

Household items

Household items can be very expensive, but there are certain things that everyone needs! So if you know someone who is going to move out sometime soon or who wants to move, you will help them a lot by giving them some items they need! Make sure that you know what kind of stuff they have already got to avoid getting them something they’ve already got. 

In this list of gifts, you’ll probably find the right present for the right person! When you’re done giving everyone standard Christmas gifts every year, it is an excellent choice to give them something unique!

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