Tips against boredom during Corona quarantine


Since most people have to stay at home because of the Corona virus, there are suddenly a lot less activities you can do. Normally you would spend a large part of your week at work. In addition, you would occasionally visit friends or family to chat, play games, go out for dinner or do a fun activity together. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible at the moment. Everyone spends most of the day indoors and they come outside it is for grocery shopping or for a short walk. Without social contacts or many appointments in the agenda, boredom is lurking. Are you getting bored already? In this article we will give a number of tips to combat boredom and still make the best of this exceptional situation.



A good solution against boredom is music. After all, you can never have listened to all the music in the world, so listening to music can fill a lot of hours. Have you been listening to the same artists for years and are you curious about other music styles? Then try listening to online radio. There you will automatically discover new music that you do not know yet and maybe you will find new favorites! You can also search for different music genres to discover, if there are new genres you want to give a chance. Radioguide also has an app so you can enjoy radio on the go. It is not wise to go out with several people at the same time at the moment, so enjoy a walk on your own with beautiful music in your ears.

Chores you always procrastinate

Most people struggle with procrastination. Especially in the case of tedious chores. Now that you have a lot of time to spare, this is a good moment to finally do these chores. For example, think of cleaning, tidying up, reorganizing your wardrobe, clearing your kitchen cupboards, cleaning the windows and so on. Make a list of all the things that still need to be done in your house and choose a chore to do every day. It may not be a lot of fun to do, but afterwards you will be happy and proud to have done it.


Learn something new

Use your time wisely by learning something new. A project to be engaged in is the perfect remedy against boredom. Have you always wanted to learn a new language? This is your chance! Take an online course, listen to music in that language or watch movies in that language (with subtitles). The more you come into contact with a language, the faster you learn it, and now you have plenty of time to do so. Besides learning a language, there are all kinds of skills you can learn, such as learning to play a musical instrument or learning to draw. Of course, in the current situation you cannot take real-life lessons, but fortunately there are all kinds of online instructions nowadays which can teach you a lot. YouTube is packed with tutorials to follow. You can also experiment with new recipes in the kitchen. When you normally come back from work, you just want to prepare a dish quickly. But now that you have all the time you need, you can try out more elaborate recipes. Finally, you can also check if you have any interesting books in the house that you always wanted to read but never had the time for.