Tips for improving the experience for your listeners

Radio presenting skills

After starting your own radio station, you cannot lean back and expect that it will become a success automatically. You have to work hard to achieve that. You have to make sure that the amount of listeners who listen to your radio station keeps growing. And even then you cant count on that amount staying up. If you stop improving your station, your listeners will notice and the amount of listeners will decline. If you aspire to have a successful radio station, you have to find a way to prevent that from happening. In this article we will give you some useful tips for improving the experience for your listeners.

Good equipment

Equipment is one of the most important aspects of having success with your radio station. If a radio station has bad audio quality, would you keep listening to it? Probably not! The competition is high and many stations have great equipment sets, so if you want to compete with them, your equipment needs to be at least reasonable. If you talk a lot during broadcasting, we would advise you to invest in a good quality microphone.

Learn how to use your voice

If your radio show is focused on talking, you should not only have a good microphone, but you should also learn how to use your voice in a proper way. Listeners want to listen to a nice voice. Remember that you have a microphone, so there is no need to shout or speak loudly into the microphone. If you do that, it will not be comfortable to listen to. Also, try to pay attention to your pronunciation. A well known mistake is ‘popping’ your ‘p’s too loudly. This makes a very irritating sound in the microphone. Finally, if you have a strong accent, it might be good to think about the intelligibility. Of course you can (and should) be yourself and embrace your accent, but if the majority of your audience cannot understand what you are saying, they will stop listening.

Be innovative

Even though you will develop your own style of radio broadcasting over time, it is very recommendable to be innovative. If your content is the same for a longer period of time, listeners might get bored. Therefore, you should notice when your content is getting too repetitive and you should try new ideas to surprise your listeners.

Bond with your listeners

There are thousands of radio stations available. So you need to find a way to make your listeners care about your station, so they will choose for your station and not all the other options available. You can do this by working on your bond with your listeners and trying to make an emotional connection with them. Try to be personal and make every listener feel special and appreciated. An example is addressing one person, instead of the whole audience, so avoid disconnecting terms like “all of you” or “listeners”.

Social media

Another way of creating an emotional bond with your listeners is letting them get to know you better. People feel more committed if they know the person behind it. You can do this by being as accessible as possible. Create a good looking website that includes some personal information about you. Also, interact with your listeners on social media. You can share music recommendations on social media, so you will attract followers who are interested in music, who might also be interested in your radio station. You can also use social media during your broadcast. You can ask people questions during your broadcast and then react to some answers on social media. This will make your listeners feel connected with you, your show and the other listeners.

Good playlists

A big portion of the time you will broadcast playlists of music. Good playlists can make a big difference. You should really spend some time thinking about the playlists. Do not simply throw some songs you like in a list and upload it. Think about the genre of songs for that specific playlist and also think about the variety. The songs should on the one hand be recognizable for belonging to that genre, but on the other hand the songs should also be different enough that it does not become boring. Also think about the order in which you play the songs. Try to alternate slower songs with faster songs for example, so it will become a nice mix to listen to.

It is hard to build an audience and even harder to keep that audience and make the numbers grow. Therefore, it is very important to consider these tips to improve the listeners’ experience while listening to your radio station. Try to stay critical of your own work and see what can be improved to become better and better. 

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