Top 5 of Earth, Wind and Fire Songs


Although their songs are still listened to by an enormous number of people every day, Earth, Wind & Fire peaked during the seventies. Maurice White, Wade Flemons, Don Whitehead and Michael Beale started their band in 1969, and had a few hiccups when they had released two albums. A new version of Earth, Wind & Fire, with different musicians, was established and together formed the successful band as we know it today.

Enough about the history of Earth, Wind & Fire, however, because what were the most popular, moving, and typical songs of the evolving band? We created a top 10 of the best songs of Earth, Wind & Fire and an explanatory note with everything you need to know about the songs. Curious yet? Keep on reading!

1. September (1978) – an all-time favourite

September was released when Earth, Wind & Fire was at their best. The song is optimistic in every way and represents a throwback at doo-wop music. The joyous tunes are unmissable, the vocals of Maurice White are all on point and it is just the perfect summer song for the youth in 2023. Commercial producers and filmmakers were inspired and used the song for the promotion of various products. Los Angeles even decided to dedicate the 21st of September to the band (do you remember?). Despite the success of the song in 1978, it never appeared on any of the albums Earth, Wind & Fire released.

2. Let’s Grove (1981)

Daft Punk must have been inspired by Let’s Grove, as the robotic vocals are so uniquely used by Earth, Wind & Fire in 1981. The song appeared on the album Raise! during a time in which disco, funk, punk and rock blended together. Although we have not much seen disco after the release of this track, many disco fans are grateful for its release. With hints of electronic music and the iconic sound of Earth, Wind & Fire characterised by jazz and bass instruments, it’s the perfect song to dance to.

3. Boogie Wonderland (1979)

More than Let’s Grove, Boogie Wonderland is above all a disco and funk song. The song was released in 1979 and appeared on the album I Am. Of course, we are carried away by the voice of Maurice White, but it goes perfectly with the vocals of The Emotions, a R&B girl group that started as a gospel group. Their collaboration contributed to the popularity of both bands, as it was a great combination of R&B, soul, and pop. After all, who has not danced to the happy tunes of Boogie Wonderland?

4. After The Love Has Gone (1979)

Enough about the funky disco songs of Earth, Wind & Fire, because we have to talk about After The Love Has Gone. This beautiful ballad became the second most popular song of the band, as it reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the year of its release. Youngsters in 2023 might confuse this Earth, Wind & Fire song with Lionel Richie’s voice, who can hit the high notes just as well as Maurice White. Nevertheless, the EWF-singer did not write this song himself. David Foster, Jay Graydon and Bill Champlin are the authors of the mid-tempo hit.

5. Shining Star (1975)

For the last song of our top 5 best Earth, Wind & Fire songs, we have to go back to the early years of their careers. Shining Star appeared on the album That’s The Way Of The World, which was released in 1975. For many admirers of Earth, Wind & Fire, Shining Star is the band’s most popular song. It was awarded a Grammy in the year of its release, and it reached the number one position on the Billboard Top 100. Not only did Shining Star contribute to the breakthrough of EWF, but it also inspired so many others to write new songs and experiment with different genres. 

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