News Radio from Trinidad and Tobago

There are many radio stations with a format that is devoted entirely to the discussion and broadcast of news. Some of these radio stations are only discussing and broadcasting local news while other radio stations are putting their focus on global news. Along with the news most of the radio stations will feature weather news, traffic news and talk programming. The talking programs are also a chance for listeners to participate because these shows have often call-in segments. Most all news stations can be found on the AM dial although some stations can be found on the FM dial as well. ABC NewsRadio is an example of a radio station with a format that is devoted to delivering live and 24-hour news updates. It is an Australian radio station and it is available on a number broadcasts right around Australia, including AM/FM radio, some pay-TV platforms and online. ‘’Jeremy Vine Covers the News’’ is another great example of a radio show that is devoted to the discussion and broadcast of news. Jeremy Vine is known for his direct interview style and this is also why the BBC2 talk show host is so popular in the UK. He won the title of Speech Broadcaster of the Year in the 2011 Sony Awards. In the United States of America the radio show ‘’NewsTalkRadio 77 WABC’’ is very popular. The radio station is based in New York City and the syndicated talk-radio hosts Mark Levin, John Batchelor and Don Imus are broadcasting from this station. The radio station is also broadcasting sports shows and they have sports contracts with Seton Hall University for the men's basketball team, and the United States Military Academy for Army football games. In the past they also had the broadcast rights to the Yankees but they lost the rights after 21 years to WCBS.

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