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Western Free Press is a news magazine providing Straight News and Strong Opinion.

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Western Free Press is an Arizona-based online newspaper devoted to providing readers with a daily fare of—as our motto indicates—Straight News and Strong Opinion.

Our news feeds, drawn from the best newspapers in Arizona, provide Arizonans with news and items of interest from across the state. Readers can get news and information they need, as well as a variety of editorial content from an array of perspectives.

Our editorial section features strong opinion, unabashedly supportive of free markets, individual liberty, and limited, accountable government. With forceful opinion pieces, well-researched fact sheets, engaging videos, and much more, Western Free Press’s opinion section is rapidly becoming one of the premiere sources of independent journalism, research, and editorial content in the state.*

Western Free Press also provides readers with exclusive, on-the-ground reportage from political events in Arizona. From rallies and government hearings to interviews with local officials and candidates, our growing team of journalists is focused on providing you with the perspectives you need from the people and places in the news.

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