8 reasons to start a podcast

Starting a radio station

These days, everyone wants to get the most of their day. We do not like to waste our time and we do not want to be bored. One way many people do this is by listening to podcasts. People listen to podcasts while they are on their way to school or work, while exercising, while walking the dog or when they are doing chores in and around the house. You can easily listen to a podcast while doing something else. That is why more and more companies are starting a podcast. Not convinced yet? In this blog you can read 8 reasons to start a podcast:


Podcasts are popular

Podcast have been doing very well in recent years. More people are discovering how interesting podcasts are and how easy it is to listen to a podcast at any time of the day. In 2019 alone, more than 5 million Dutch people were be listening to podcasts and the advertising revenue is currently growing by 20% a year. The most popular age category within podcast listeners is 25 to 44 years. The main reason why podcasts are so popular is that it gives listeners the opportunity to immerse themselves in new topics or just enjoy listening without having to make time for it. A podcast is ideal to combine with other tasks or activities. Podcasts also work well because each podcast appeals to a specific target group. So you can find a podcast that is exactly right for you, because there are so many different podcasts on offer.


Loyal listeners

The thing that makes podcasts so special is that the listener builds a personal bond with the podcast host. You make a real connection, because you hear someone's voice. This is much more personal than, for example, reading a text. By hearing someone's voice, you hear a person's emotions and communication style. In addition, podcast listeners listen to the host for a long time. A podcast is often between 30 minutes and 90 minutes long, so the listener is very invested in the podcast and it’s host. Because of the personal connection, listeners are usually loyal to a few podcasts they listen to every week or every day. This strengthens the band even more. It enables the podcast host to advertise credibly, with ads that are well suited to the podcast's target audience.


Easy to get started

Starting a podcast is pretty easy. The most important thing you need to invest in is a good microphone, because the sound quality is very important for the listener's experience. In addition, it is necessary to have a software program with which you can record and edit. Those are the essentials. Apart from that you really only need your own voice. So it is easy to start making a podcast.


Entertainment without a screen

Lately more and more people are realizing that we spend too many hours looking at a screen. Many people are done with this and are trying to reduce their screen time. The podcast fits in well with this trend, because by listening to a podcast the listener is still entertained, without feeling bad about it, because no screens are involved. So especially in times when people are trying to reduce their screen times, the podcast is a good alternative.


Show your knowledge

By making a podcast about your profession you can prove yourself as an expert in the field. Offering specialist content about your expertise ensures that you are seen as an expert in the eyes of the audience. This is of course good advertising for your company. So with a podcast you can find your niche and show the knowledge that you have.


It's your own show

The great thing about a podcast is that you are very free in the content you create. There are thousands of different podcasts out there, all doing it their own way. So you have complete creative freedom in how you want to create your own podcast. No one decides that for you. There are few restrictions - you can make the podcast as long as you like, invite guests, do it alone, and the subject is entirely up to you.


Large audience

Many podcast makers invite guests into their podcasts. The format of the podcast is very suitable for interviews. By inviting people with a large following, and asking them to share the podcast on their social media, you make use of each other's audiences. This way, your podcast can be discovered by many more people and you can expand your audience.


Listen everywhere

One of the great advantages of podcasts is that they can be listened to anywhere, anytime. For example, visual content cannot be viewed while driving, exercising or cleaning, but auditory content can be listened to during many activities. Also, most podcast platforms allow the listener to download the podcast, so they are not limited to places with WiFi.


In this blog you have read 8 reasons to start a podcast. Do you feel motivated to take the plunge? Go for it!

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