Starting a radio station

It is a lot of fun to start your own radio station, and a big part of it is the name of your radio station. If you want to reach out to your audience it is important to have a good station name. There are several things you have to take into account. We will give you some tips to find the perfect name for your radio station.

Choosing a name

When it comes to choosing a name, choose a name that resembles you. Do you prefer a name in English or do you prefer a name in your own language? Ask yourself a few questions to reveal the heart of your project. This helps you to find the perfect name for your own radio station. What is the message of your radio station? Is it a radio station with talkshows or are you planning on playing music most of the time?

Also, be original while choosing a name for your radio station. Choose a name that people have never heard before, if you choose a catchy name it will stay in the head of your audience. Choose a name that doesn’t look like a national station, because if you choose a name like this you’re not original.There already exist many names, so make sure you always check whether the name you choose is still available.

Don’t forget the pronounciation of the name of your radio station. You want people to be able to talk about your radio station, and you will probably drop the name of your radio station during your show. Make sure the name of your station is easy to pronounce, this makes it easier to talk about your station and for people to remember the name.

SEO (search engine optimalisation) is also very important for your name. Don’t only make your choice personal, but also make it practical. The better your SEO, the more people will find your station on the internet. SEO helps you to improve the ranking of your radio station when you type it in a searching engine. While choosing a name, avoid the basic words like music, radio, or other common names. This is also one of the very important aspects when it comes to referencing. 

What makes the name of your radio station strong

There are a few things that help you to give your radio station a strong name. A strong name for your radio station is differentiated, it should stand out compared to other radio stations. Don’t pick a common word in the name, choose another word to stand out. 

A strong radio station name is brief, so it is good to use four syllables or less. If you use more than four syllables, people will start to abbreviate the name. This could be detrimental to the brand. 

A strong name should also be appropriate. A mistake that is often made, is choosing a name that doubles as a descriptor, which will cause it to converge with other descriptive names.

It is also important that the name is easy to spell. A difficult name can be very disturbing for listeners. Also, make the name satisfying to pronounce, this makes it easier for people to talk about your radio station. When it sounds good, people are more willing to use it. You should make it suitable for the brand of your radio station. 

You have to check if the name is still available, it is illegal to use a name that is already used.

After choosing the name of your station it is time for the branding and the logo. You will be using the logo on your social media accounts, on the website and on banners. The logo is also very important. Choose colors and designs that fit you and your radio station. If you are not into design you can ask an external company to help you with this part.

Creating an identity

You always have to create an identity and a purpose for your radio station. Always keep in mind that there is a lot of competition out there. Offer the right services for your audience. Offer something extra for your audience, talk about different music styles or interesting subjects. Think about what kind of background music you want for your radio station: electronic, funky or relaxing. Do you want to play a lot of music or are you planning on talking a lot between the songs. Are you doing the shows alone or are you planning on inviting guests? All these things are important to create an identity for your radio station. 

When you think about the identity of your radio station, think about why you wanted to start your own radio station, what is your purpose? What do you want to tell your listeners, do you want to tell them about the local news or do you only want to play music? Make sure it is something that you stand behind and that you’re good at, otherwise it won’t work! Good luck with choosing the name of your new radio station.

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