Best classical radio stations to listen to

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The four seasons by Vivaldi, Fur Elise by Beethoven, Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einodi and the nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. These are all well-known classical music pieces. Many people think that classical music is boring or that only old people listen to it, but this is definitely not true! Also young people can enjoy the beautiful melodies in classical music. In addition, there are all kinds of advantages of listening to classical music.

Advantages of listening to classical music

If you are not yet convinced that classical music is something you could enjoy, let’s read these benefits. Music is generally very good for you, but classical music has a number of specific characteristics which can bring you positive effects.

Reduces stress

Do you often suffer from stress? For example because of a busy job or difficult choices you have to make? You can let go of this feeling of stress for a while when you listen to classical music. The feeling of stress decreases because the rhythm in classical music often matches the rhythm of your heart. The rhythm of your heart and the rhythm of classical music are both about 60 to 80 beats per minute. This gives you a calming feeling. Researchers in Taiwan have done research into the effect of classical music on pregnant women. Pregnant women often experience stress associated with pregnancy. The researchers wanted to find out whether classical music would reduce this feeling of stress. The result? It worked! So if you want to experience less stress in your life, make time to listen to classical music now and then, or listen while you are commuting.

Helps you fall asleep

This calming effect does not only work against stress, but can also help you fall asleep more easily. Research has shown that the rhythm of classical music not only makes you fall asleep more easily, but also helps you sleep longer and improves your sleep quality. So next time you are you tossing and turning in your bed and cannot fall asleep, you should put on some quiet classical music that you like and who knows, it might help you to fall asleep.

Better concentration

The last positive effect of classical music that we will discuss in this article is that it improves your concentration. Don Campbell, the author of the book 'The Mozart Effect' says that classical music helps you to shut yourself off from distractions around you and concentrate on your tasks. Many students enjoy listening to music while studying. Of course, this is also possible with other types of music, but an advantage of classical music is that it is usually instrumental and therefore contains no vocals. Because of this, you will not get distracted from the lyrics of the vocals.

Classical radio stations on Radioguide

Are you convinced enough already to give classical music a try? Do not look any further, because you can enjoy this genre of music here on We have a special genre full of radio stations that broadcast the most beautiful classical pieces. Here is a selection of the radio stations to try:

BBC radio 3: A very famous radio station from England with gospel music and classical music.

Radio Swiss Classic: This is a Swiss classical radio station which helps you relax. Because it is Swiss, the announcements in between the musical pieces are in German.

Classic FM: This station lets you discover classical music. They also share news and information about festivals and events.

ABC Classic FM: This Australian radio station broadcasts classical music from all over the world.

WPR All Classical: This station has been broadcasting classical music from Wisconsin, USA since 1917. They offer an entertaining musical selection for all audiences.

Classical music network: This is a Mexican station with long form concert music, which you can enjoy 24/7.

E-classical FM: This radio station, from Taiwan, lets you listen to beautiful classical music and talk.