Radio listening

If you enjoy listening to various radio stations, you will probably like the app Radioguide.FM. In this app you can listen to all your favorite radio stations and you can discover new music. You can download the app on your smartphone in the Appstore (for iOS) and the Playstore (for Android). In this article we will explain all the possibilities of the app that you can use. 


On the homepage of the Radioguide.FM app you can find several useful things that improve your listening experience. On top of the homepage you see some suggested radio stations that you might be interested in. You can use this to discover new stations that you did not know before. 

Below that you can see the stations that you recently listened to, so if you enjoyed a specific station, you don’t have to worry, you can easily find it again. 

On the bottom of the homepage, you can find radio stations which are recommended to you. These recommendations are based on your listening habits and you can find new stations you might like. 


You can use the search page in the app to find new radio stations. You can search in a collection of thousands of radio stations and many different genres of music. If you have a favorite station, you can easily find it using the search option.


On the genre page you can find many different genres of music and radio shows. On top of the page, you can find the 10 most popular genres of that moment. If you click on one of these genres, you can scroll through a list of all the stations with music of that genre. Below this is a list of all the different genres that you can find in the app. You can use this to find out what type of music you enjoy listening to. If you want to try out new music styles, you can just look for other genres in this list. 


In the Radioguide.FM app you can listen to radio stations from more than 200 countries, so it is very diverse and international. You can use the page to find a specific country you want to listen radio from. If you click on a country, you can see a selection of the most popular radio stages in that country. 


If you discovered many cool new radio stations, you can use the favorites option to save them by clicking on the star symbol. By doing this you can always find your favorite stations again in one simple click. 

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