Sports Radio from Bhutan

Sports is a major part of our modern society. As a child it is very important to play sports. It is not only a source of exercise and pleasure but participating in sports can also lead to better cognitive and social skills. As a European boy it is most likely that you are going to play soccer. Soccer is by far the most popular sports in Europe. Every weekend thousands of people are visiting a stadium to watch a soccer game. If people are not watching live it is most likely that they are watching the game at home on television. Soccer isn’t that popular in the United States of America, however the sport is increasing lately. In the States baseball, ice hockey and basketball are very popular. But sports is not only broadcasted on television because there are also many radio stations that airs sports shows . The sports format is often devoted entirely to discussion and broadcasting of sporting events. On the most sports radio stations it is possible to debate as a listener by calling in. The first sports talk radio show in history launched in March 1964 on New York's WNBC. Nowadays there are many sports radio stations. The biggest sports radio stations are FOX Sports Radio and ESPN radio. In fact FOX Sports Radio is a network of radio stations based in Los Angeles, California. FOX Sports Radio has also studios in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa, Phoenix, Tulsa, Cincinnati and Las Vegas. In total the FOX Sports Radio Network can be heard on more than 400 stations. ESPN radio was launched on January 1, 1992 under the original banner of SportsRadio ESPN. Just like FOX Sports Radio, ESPN is a network of radio stations that airs live coverage of sports events including Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association.

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