8 online jazz radio stations you have to check out

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At the start of the 20th century, jazz came on as the music of and by the Black American population. In the 1930s, however, it emerged as a popular music genre recognized by everyone and it became the start of a historical period of swinging and dancing.

If you want to listen to some good jazz music, RadioGuide.fm is the place to be. After all, countries all over the world listen to jazz and have their own online jazz radio stations. Reason enough to get to know these jazz radio stations, and to pick your favorite to listen to all day long!

1.  Jazz FM

One of the biggest jazz radio stations in the world is Jazz FM, and it was established in 1990. The radio station is based in the United Kingdom and plays a combination of jazz, soul, and blues. For your daily dose of swinging, dancing, and happiness, Jazz FM is the way to go. To celebrate jazz musicians even more than playing the best jazz songs on the radio, the station decided to launch the Jazz FM Awards in 2013. If you want to know who the current best jazz musicians are according to Jazz FM, it is quite worth it to watch or listen to the Jazz FM Awards!

2.  Radio Swiss Jazz

Even though jazz came on in New Orleans, the music genre gained popularity over the world and led to the emergence of different jazz styles in different countries. Today, Radio Swiss Jazz plays their own “Jazz Made in Switzerland” program and alternates it with classical jazz. Also covers of great hits in jazz style can be heard on Radio Swiss Jazz, like Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton covered by Joshua Redman and Pat Metheny. Besides jazz the often-associated bebop can be listened to at Radio Swiss Jazz. Bebop is a jazz style where musicians can improvise as much as they want and are in no way bounded by rules. Charlie Parker and Bud Powell are great examples of bebop musicians and can undoubtedly be heard at this online jazz radio station.

3.  Classic And Jazz

Not looking for jazz made in Switzerland, but jazz broadcasted from France? Classic and Jazz is then the jazz radio station you have to listen to. One of the jazz genres played by Classic and Jazz is not surprisingly classic jazz, which is often known as New Orleans jazz, and includes amongst others the clarinet, cornet, tuba, saxophone, and guitar. Classic jazz does, therefore, not refer to jazz with a touch of classical music, but it is classic in the sense that it is the more traditional jazz as it was founded in New Orleans. If you are wondering what classic jazz sounds like, this is your online jazz radio station.

4.  Npo Soul & Jazz

Are you a fan of all kinds of jazz and related funk, rhythm, and blues? Then NPO Soul & Jazz is the online jazz radio station for you! The radio station is based in The Netherlands and was previously known as NPO Radio 6. There are almost no programs and radio hosts talking in between songs, but that makes it even more enjoyable if you are only listening tot the radio for original jazz songs! Whether you are working at home or whether you want to have an easy morning, the classic jazz sounds played by NPO Soul & Jazz are meant for you.

5.  ABC Jazz Radio

On the other side of the world, ABC Jazz Radio plays different styles of jazz during different programs. The Australian jazz station provides you with jazz only, and only made in Australia: from great jazz players, like James Morrison and Sandy Evans, to unknown but upcoming Australian jazz artists. Are you into some cool jazz, wanting to listen to free jazz or curious to the earlier-mentioned classical jazz? ABC Jazz Radio plays different jazz styles for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If that isn’t music to your ears?

6.  Giants of Jazz Radio

Do you not only want to listen to the music made by some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world, but would you also like to hear some of the thoughts passed through the heads of the greatest jazz artists? Giants of Jazz Radio is a classical jazz radio station which plays album tracks, jazz poetry, and even interviews with jazz musicians. Big names like Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis will not be overlooked by Giants of Jazz Radio, but the jazz songs played are only released between 1940s and 1970s. To get a better understanding of their own perception on their radio station: they call themselves ‘the home of classic jazz’.  

7.  Sax Radio Music

Jazz music is known for its unusual combinations of different music instruments playing together and interchangeably, which makes each jazz song uniquely pleasant to listen to. The saxophone is, however, a characteristic instrument to which many people would like to listen to all day every day. The Belgium radio station Sax Radio Music, therefore, decided to establish a radio station dedicated to the saxophone, and only broadcasts songs in which you can hear a saxophone. Because of this, jazz and in particular smooth jazz is a genre that comes along a lot on the radio station!

8.  Electro Swing Radio

To end this blog with a swing, we decided to put Electro Swing Radio in this top 8 of online jazz stations. The radio station is based in Berlin since 2012 and plays all kinds of songs with swinging tunes around the clock. From Dancefloor Jazz to Neo Swing: this radio station seems to be known worldwide for its swinging broadcasting. Beside being a radio station, Electro Swing Radio produces podcasts about swinging music. If you are a fan of free jazz with a touch of swing, this is the right jazz radio to listen to for you.

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