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What is lounge music?

In this article we will discuss the music genre: lounge. What is lounge music? It refers to easy listening music, which can be divided into two types. The first type of easy listening music is the music that is usually played as background music, for example in a bar or hotel. This background music is meant to be listened to while talking to people or doing something else at the same time. The other kind of music that lounge refers to is the electrical downtempo music from the nineties. Downtempo means that the music has no more than 90 beats per minute. Lounge music became popular in the 1950's and 1960's, but was already emerging in the 1920's and 1930's. The music creates a relaxed, quiet atmosphere, allowing the listener to relax. So the term lounge says more about the atmosphere of the music and the circumstances in which you listen to it, than really a type of music, because lounge music can consist of all kinds of music genres, such as jazz or pop, but played in a relaxed way.


Relaxing with lounge music

Lounge music can bring you in a relaxed mood. In our busy lives, we all need a moment's rest once in a while. Music is a good way to help you do this, because it can move the soul, making you forget your worries and just focus on the music. You can listen to lounge music via the radio, for example. On Radioguide.fm the radio stations are divided into different genres, including lounge. These are a number of stations that we can recommend if you want to relax by listening to lounge music:

·      Lounge Radio New York

·      Smooth Lounge radio

·      Sleep Radio

·      This is Lounge

·      The Lounge Sound


But of course there are many more ways to relax and unwind. Below we will give you 5 tips that might help you to relax more:



The first tip is to meditate. Many people have never tried to meditate, even though it can have a lot of positive effects! Meditating does not have to be woolly, but can be a moment for yourself to seek the silence. Find a place where you can sit quietly. Set a timer for as long as you like. You will find that you can keep it up longer and longer, so start with 5 minutes and build it up slowly each time you meditate. While you are meditating, you just try to 'be' and think about as little as possible. If thoughts come to mind, accept them and then let them go. If you find it difficult to focus, you can also turn on a guided meditation, which will tell you what to do.



Do you feel hurried and stressed? Go for a walk! You do not have to take a 2-hour walk in the woods. Just put on your shoes and walk around your neighborhood. In the meantime you can listen to music or a podcast, but sometimes it is also nice to walk in silence. In addition to its relaxing effect, walking is also very good for getting your daily exercise.


Have a good night's sleep

Many people deal with a bad sleep rhythm without even realizing it. This can cause you to always feel tired and not be able to start your day actively. Moreover, if you do not sleep well, you are much more susceptible to stress and negative emotions. So try to see how you can improve your sleep rhythm. Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night? Maybe it helps to relax a bit more before going to sleep and not to be busy with work or looking at screens. It can also help to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning.