Music during corona

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Since the Coronavirus outbreak we all have had to get used to the new situation that we have to deal with. A lot has changed and it is very difficult to adjust for many people. In difficult times we seek comfort and support, and this can be found in music, among other things. In this article you will read what music can mean to us during Corona and we will give a few tips about music and Corona.


What can music mean to us in difficult times?

Since the outbreak of Corona there have been many artists who have expressed their support to people. They have done this by writing a special song dedicated to the consequences of Corona for society. In this way they try to encourage people and give some hope. The songs deal with subjects such as fear, hope and difficult emotions. Some songs are especially dedicated to a certain group of people, such as an ode to people in care or a statement of support for people who are struggling in this time.


But not only singers use their music to support others. Also people who are not vocalists do beautiful things with music. Think for example of the balcony concerts. For example, a man in Naples played the Italian national anthem 'Bella Ciao' on his saxophone. And in Barcelona 'my heart will go on' was played by two neighbours on a piano and a saxophone. Or, for instance, an opera singer in Canada. Normally she sings in front of full concert halls, but now this is not possible anymore, so she performs her vocals from her balcony. 


What music means to you is different for each person, but what many people have in common is that music calms us down. By listening to music, you do not have to think about problems, fears or uncertainties for a moment, but you can just enjoy the music. It distracts us from the situation we find ourselves in. That people in these times listen to music in order to calm down is also shown by the figures of various streaming services. They show that there is an enormous increase in music streams for calming music. Many people listen to calming guitar music, piano music or classical music. This music is also listened to in order to sleep better. In uncertain times, many people find it difficult to get to sleep, even though a good night's sleep is very important to stay positive and to start your day with fresh energy. By softly playing classical music or other calming music before going to sleep, the activity of the nervous system decreases, the blood pressure lowers and the breathing rhythm slows down. It also makes you less likely to worry.


The last thing music can bring us in these times is that it helps against boredom. Most people suddenly have a lot more time than usual, because they cannot go to work and cannot do social activities. Music can function as a way to counter boredom. Of course you can listen to music at home, but if you want to keep moving a bit, you can also listen to music while walking, cycling or running. 


Music tips

So we learned that music can mean a lot to us during Corona. We also have some music tips for you! The first tip is to listen to the radio. This can be done with an old-fashioned radio, but of course you can also do it online. An advantage of listening to the radio is that you do not only get to hear music, but you also get news updates in between. The fact that many people are more inclined to listen to radio during Corona is shown by the listening figures, which show that listening time has increased considerably. Another advantage of listening to radio is that you get to explore new music. Do you always listen to your trusted Spotify lists? After a lot of listening you can get bored with the songs, because you have heard them too often. In that case, radio can be a solution, because you hear new music every day.


The next tip also has to do with new music. Now that you have more time, you can try out new music styles. Not only will you beat boredom, but you may also discover new favourite genres of music you have never listened to before. Maybe 'country' turns out to be your thing or you discover a hidden interest in 'jazz'. Be open to new music and discover what is right for you.


The last tip for music during Corona is to share music tips with friends and family. Previously you might have gone to concerts or festivals with friends. At the moment all concerts and festivals are cancelled, but of course you can still enjoy music together with others! For example, make a special playlist for someone you love or exchange music recommendations with others. You can even listen to the same music at the same time with a group of people while video calling in the meantime. 

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