Podcast recommendations

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Podcasts are very popular at the moment. There are many different kinds of podcasts and therefore everyone will find something they like. By now it has become very challenging to think of a subject that has no podcast yet. But why would you listen to a podcast? The most important reason is that you can do it at almost any time! Are you bored while cooking or driving your car? Listening to podcasts is a good solution against boredom. It is also a good way to spend your time, because there are many informative podcasts from which you can learn a lot.


Are you still new to the podcast world and you do not know where to start? In this article we give some tips for interesting podcasts.


TED Talks Daily

Most people know the concept of TED talks. These are short presentations with the motto 'Ideas worth spreading'. These presentations cover all kinds of topics and usually have an inspiring and motivating tone. Besides being able to attend TED talks or watch them on YouTube, you can also listen to them in the form of a podcast. If you listen to podcasts every day, this podcast is for you, because every working day a new TED talk podcast is published. The episodes are also useful for quick listening between two activities, as they last between 6 and 18 minutes on average.


Dear Hank & John

This podcast is presented by brothers Hank Green and John Green. Many people know the Green brothers from YouTube. They have been known on Youtube since Youtube was just founded with Brotherhood 2.0 on the channel Vlogbrothers. And also their channel CrashCourse, on which they make all kinds of educational videos, which has millions of subscribers. Many book lovers will also know John Green from his popular books, such as The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska. In this podcast, Hank and John answer questions submitted by listeners. They do this in a humorous way, but in the meantime you can learn a lot from them, because they know a lot of crazy facts. Each episode ends with a news segment in which John shares the news of his favorite football club AFC Wimbledon and Hank shares the news about the planet Mars.


The Psychology Podcast

For people who are interested in the psychology, this podcast is highly recommended. In every episode, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman shares his knowledge about an interesting psychological subject. He always does this with a guest. There are already 200 episodes at the time of writing, so there is already a lot to listen to! Each episode takes about 50 to 80 minutes, so this podcast is very suitable to listen during a long walk, for example.