Gospel Radio from Botswana

Gospel or Gospelmusic is a music genre in the Christian Music. Gospel is originative from old English ‘goö’ and ‘spell’. Goö means ‘good’ and spell means ‘news and message’, so it means good news or good/happy message. Gospelmusic originated in the cotton fields in the southern states of united states of America. Gospel is black religious music which is strongly influenced by both the rhythmic music that the slaves brought from Africa as well as the experimental way of the beliefs of the white. A subject that’s often used in this genre is life after death which is often referred to as crossing the Jordan River. There’s a distinction between ‘black’ and ‘white’ Gospelmusic. You refer to ‘black’ gospel if it’s more traditional with big choirs that contained soloist in black churches or contemporary music that can be heard on a ‘black’ radio station. This makes a part of the former slave culture of this country, while other influences come from the ‘white’ culture in particular British street singers and from experience in the struggle for equal civil rights. The ‘white’ gospel can again be divided in 3 groups. The first one is Southern gospel that can be related with country music and is typically brought by a manly quartet. You also have inspiring or church music for church visitors and mostly sang during an church service. The last group is the contemporary Christian music which is broadcasted on Christian music stations and Christian bookshops. Mahalia Jackson is an important person in the ‘black’ gospel world, she is considered as ‘the queen of Gospelmusic’. Elvis Presley also played some gospel songs, mostly with friends but sometimes even during a concert. Other famous musicians that are influenced by gospel music are Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke and John Legend. In 1950 soul emerged from gospel music with influences from rhythm

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