Groove Radio from Bulgaria

Groove is the sense of some propulsive rhythmic ‘’feel’’ or sense of ‘’swing’’. This music is created by the interaction of the band’s rhythm section with drums, electric and double bass, guitar and keyboards. Groove is a consideration in genres as : funk,salsa,rock and soul. The word ‘’groove’’ is used to describe the aspect of music that let people dance, move or ‘’groove’’. Musicologists began to analyze this genre of music in the 90’s. They argued that this type of music is an understanding om some rhythmic patterning or ‘’feel’’ and an intuitive sense. This music sets you in motion for dancing or foot-tapping on the part of listeners. The term ‘’groove’’ The genre ‘’groove’’ is also associated with some ‘’funk’’ performers for example Clyde Stubblefield, he is the drummer of James Brown. In the 1950s, when 'funk' and 'funky' were used increasingly as adjectives in the context of soul music the meaning being transformed from the original one of a pungent odor to a re-defined meaning of a strong, distinctive groove Another popular grove genre is ‘’rare groove’’ this soul or jazz music that is very hard to search. This genre is associated with jazz, funk and pop, but is also connected with genres such as : jazz, Latin jazz, soul and disco music. This kind of music is very popular by collectors and lovers of ‘’groove music’’. Rare groove was founded by DJ Norman from England, he played this music for the first time at the ‘’Original rare groove show’’ on KISS 94 FM, this is a popular radio station in England. This show was a collaboration with DJ Judge Jules and featured a mainly urban soundtrack from the 70s and 80s mixed with early house music. Shortly, the genre ‘’groove’ ’is very wide and hard to describe in one sentence.

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