Techno Radio from Burundi

Techno is a mix of electronic dance music, this form of music was found in Detroit in the United States. Techno is generally about instrumental music, often produced by a DJ for his mixtape or set. The central rhythmic melodic is most often in the common time, where the time is marked with a bass. A backbeat is often played with a snare or clap, and an open hi-hat sounds every second with eight note. The tempo of techno music is always different, from 120 till 150 beats each minute this is of course depended to the style of the techno DJ. Each DJ has his own style, the creative one works always with drum machines, synthesizers and audio workstations. The most of all works with retro electronic musical devices to create easily what they want to produce. The most of the music journalists and fans of this genre are generally selective in their use and choice of the term; so a clear distinction can be made between sometimes related but often qualitatively different styles, such as tech house and trance. Techno is also commonly confused with generalized descriptors, such as electronic music and electronic dance music. The initial blueprint for techno developed during the mid-1980s in Belleville, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit by Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May (the so-called Belleville Three), all of whom attended school together at Belleville High with the addition of Eddie Fowlkes, Blake Baxter and James Pennington. By the close of the 1980s, the pioneers had recorded and released material under various guises: Atkins as Model 500, Flintstones, and Magic Juan. An upcoming Dutch talent techno DJ is Oliver Heldens, he travels around the whole world to play his last techno tracks. He is very popular around the whole world and works together with some big names, stay tuned for the future!

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