Schlager Radio from Central African Republic

Schlager music was in the earlier years a German song and one of the most popular genre in the German music sector. The literal meaning of schlager is ‘success piece’ and is actually the translation of the English word ‘Hit’. In the broadest meaning of the word schlager you can define it as the German pop music. Like The English pop music, schlager is emerged around the ’20’s in the 20th century. Schlager music is strongly influenced by the English music sector. Close related to this genre Is ‘volkstümlicher schlager’. The most popular periode for schlager music in Germany was between 1950 and 1970 with famous musicians like Roy Black and Mary Roos. In the late ’70s there emerged some new German Music styles which caused a drop in popularity for this genre. For the moment schlager music is rather popular with people of average or advanced age. Schlager songs mostly have subjects such as social discrimination, drugs abuse, social discrimination, divorce and the environment. Schlager is also popular in the Netherlands, especially in the east of the country. Most of the Dutch schlager musicians are only famous in Netherlands and aren’t famous in Germany. The most famous Dutch and Belgian Singers are Frans Bauer, Eddy Wally, Corry Kinings and Marianne Weber. A lot of Dutch songs are often translated by German musicians. In Sweden schlager is also a popular music style but the songs aren’t very similar to the German Schlagers. In Sweden, most of the time they use this music style in song contests. In Sweden, they also call a Eurovision song contest, a ‘schlager contest’. Some famous Swedish schlager musicians are Carola Häggkvist, Charlotte Perrelli and Linda Bengtzing. Equivalent genres to schlager in different countries: - ‘Levenslied’ in the Netherland - Traditional pop music - ‘Volksmusik’ in Germany - ‘Pimpa’ in Portugal.

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