Hardstyle Radio from China

Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre mixed with influences from (hard) techno and hardcore. Many hardcore dj’s produce also hardstyle tracks as well. Hardstyle is a mix of deep, hard drum, basslines, beats and distorted sounds. Hardstyle was basically influenced by gabber, Hardstyle has its origins in the Netherlands, some popular artist are : The Prophet, Zany, Headhunterz and DJ Pavo. All of those dj’s started with hardstyle as an experiment. After successful editions of Qlimax and Qdance started hardstyle officially as a brand. Since 2002, more hardstyle labels emerged. Fusion and Scantraxx are two of those labels to bring out the hardstyle music. Around 2004-05 the genre became more melodic and uplifting, somewhat faster and distorted, sharp kick drum sounds were added. Many producers started to pitch-shift a distorted kick drum to create a melodic bassline that usually plays in pitch with a typical hard trance supersaw or a thinner electro house synth melody. The melody often is in tuplet form, which gives the genre a pulsating rhythm, whereas older Hardstyle as well as other genres such as jumpstyle have more basic melodic structures to them. Thus, nowadays many people refer to the older style as early hardstyle. You can dance however you want to dance. The most important thing is to let go and to have taken control of the music. Have fun, jump around, pump your fist and go wild! There are many tutorials on internet where you can learn these specific dance. When you want to go wild, hardstyle is the perfect music style for you! Here is a list of hardstyle events and festivals around the whole world. With top level stage production and visuals, no wonder that hardstyle is very popular. - Qlimax - Defqon 1 - Hard Bass - Decibel outdoor - The Qontinent

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