Jazz Radio from Colombia

Jazz is a music style that originated in 1915 in New Orleans. You can describe this genre as a music style that’s based on improvisation with West-African influences. When Jazz originated people associated it with indecent and people with a low social status. Because of the bad imago a lot of people tried to distance themselves from this music style. In 1930 a lot of white and mixed jazz bands emerged, because of this the music style became more accepted by the society and gained a lot popularity. After this there was a period where people liked songs with energetic rhythms, so Jazz became a very popular music style during this period. They called this period the ‘ Swing era’ and this became the highlights of the Jazz world because it was the perfect music to dance on. Starting around 1950 Jazz lost popularity after the strong upswing of ‘ Rock-‘n-Roll, because of this the sales in the Jazz sector lost a lot of sales to the genre Rock ‘n Roll. Until now jazz still has a certain popularity and the music style evolved throughout the years. The instruments they used in this style are a saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, drums, banjo and many more. You can basically use almost every instrument for this genre, there isn’t a really typical instrument for this genre. 2 Famous jazz musicians are Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong. Miles Davis is a famous musician who had a big influence in the jazz world, he has played a big role in the rising popularity of jazz in the 40’s. The by far most famous jazz musician is the zinger, entertainer an jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong. He had some very popular songs which you have heard a least one time without a doubt. The 2 most popular songs from louis Armstrong are ‘What a Wonderful World’ and ‘Star Dust’. Different Subgenres that have emerged through the years are: - Avant-gardejazz - Bebop - Free jazz - Latin jazz - Hard bop - Big bang - …. There also emerged different fusion genres in the jazz genre, namely: - Afrobeat - Jazzrock - Jazzrap - Smooth jazz - ….

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