Jewish Radio from Curacao

This genre consists of songs made and sung by Jews. It consists of different genres and is more than 1000 years old. In a lot of songs they sing about religion but that’s not always the case. The rhythm in Jewish song varies a lot and depends on the Jewish singer or songwriter. There are some key elements that are important to know about this genre. A preconception with a lot of people is that they think that Jews didn’t had or have any music. They think that it’s a merger between Ukrainian folk music, medieval German music and Arabic songs. There’s a big variety in Jewish music and because of that it’s hard that to describe the songs in abstract notions. These 2 problems make it harder to make a proper description of the Jewish music. There are 2 kinds of Jewish music. The first kinds are the songs that are made by Jews themselves. To make it easier to describe a song as this genre, it’s important to describe the individuality of the Jewish music. The Second kind of Jewish music is that songs aren’t fabricated by the Jewish themselves but rests on Jewish Traditions or music. Here also applies some aspects like the Jewish culture and music aspects to describe a songs that it belongs to this genre. A lot of songs that are made in the Jewish traditions, consists of specific characteristics. In Most cases the songs are monotonous. The music is also very different that the music we know and that’s because of the Arabian music which had a big influence on this music genre. Another influence was the Hebrew language. There aren’t much influences from the West-European music traditions. Jewish Music has rather roots from East-Europa, Arabia and the Middle-East. Some famous Israeli composers are Haim Alexander, Paul Ben-Haim and Max Brod.

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