Alternative Radio from Estonia

Alternative music is often referred to alternative rock and is a type of music that emerged from independent(indie) music in the in the 1980s and got really popular with a wide audience by the 1990s. The genre is called alternative because of the fact it’s different to the regular mainstream type of music like normal rock or pop. The attitude of the music is very different and that’s how the alternative music genre was born. In the 1970s punk rock was the ground work for the alternative music we now know and most types of music we don’t know much about gets put in the alternative music genre. Alternative rock is also a phrase used a lot for alternative music and has a lot of different subgenres within the genre that consists of different types of rock. During the late 1990s and early 2000s there were a lot of alternative rock bands that emerged and had a few hits in the charts including The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand and Artic Monkeys. These bands are still really popular worldwide and still give a lot of concerts all around the world. Throughout the history of alternative music(especially alternative rock) it has been defined to its rejection to commercial music and the mainstream culture what most people attend to follow. Bands would not work for big record labels, but would have their own indie label. They would become famous through word of mouth and that’s an very old-school way of doing it. They would perform in small clubs/bars and would be hero’s on stage. The lyrics of alternative music would often be very ‘heavy’ because of the hard drug abuse, alcohol, suicide and other horrible things that could happen in our lives. Most of the performers went through difficult times and they would write songs about it, to perform in front of audiences who was not part of the mainstream culture. In this day and age alternative music changed and there are a lot of bands who are part of big record labels and perform all over the world.

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