Talk Radio from Hrvatska

Talk is a radio genre that you see in almost every country. In a lot of countries there are even radio stations with a format that is devoted entirely to the discussion of news and other social problems. Radio stations with a talking format are often also broadcasting many news and traffic updates. There are also radio stations that are broadcastings talking programs but music programs as well. BBC radio, in the UK, is a perfect example off a radio station that is broadcasting talking programs but music programs as well. Many talking programs are also a chance for listeners to participate because these shows have often call-in segments. In this way listeners get the change to discuss important news or social problems with the host and his or her guests. Most of all talking stations can be found on the AM dial although some stations can be found on the FM dial as well. There are many examples off great talking shows such as Talking Books. This is a radio program hosted by Razia Iqbal. In the show Razia Iqbal interviews various writers. The show is also broadcasted on TV by BBC World TV. In the Netherlands ‘BNR Nieuwsradio’ is the most important talking radio station. The radio station was founded in 1998 and host many shows with all various discussion topics. There are talking shows about health, (social) media, culture, globalization, science, movies and politics. In the States you have many radio stations with a talking format. For example in New York the radio station ‘NewsTalkRadio 77 WABC’ is very popular. Famous hosts such as Mark Levin and Don Imus are broadcasting from this station. This radio station is also known for broadcasting many live sport events. KFI AM 640 is another popular talking radio station in the States.

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