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The 60s is widely known as the first entire decade of Rock and Roll after Elvis Presley introduced this kind of music in the late 50’s. In the 60’s many hits were produced, for example Chubby Checker’s dance track ‘’The Twist’’. In the early 1960s a boyband became very popular in Britain: The Beatles. Together with other bands such as the Rolling Stones and he Searchers the Beatles established a new form of British Rock. It didn’t took long before the British rock broke through to mainstream popularity in the United States and other European Countries. The Beatles scored in 1964 a major hit with the track ‘’I Want to Hold Your Hand’’. Disco was the definition of the 70s music. Disco music was born out of the urban gay culture in New York City. After the success of Saturday Night fever disco music became mainstream. The film’s soundtrack produced numerous Top 10 hits like How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever and Stayin Alive. Disco music inspired many other artist to make disco music. . A great example is Michael Jackson’s superb hit ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’. In the 80s there was the emergence of artists such as Madonna, Bon Jovi and Whiney Houston. The 80s is also widely known for the introduction of music videos. On MTV music videos were permanently broadcasted. Michael Jackson’s Thriller is considered to be the best music video of this time. The album, also named Thriller, is the best-selling album of all time. Michael Jackson was despite all the controversy surrounding during that period, the biggest star of the 1980s. In the 90s the alternative scene became the mainstream music. For example Hip-Hop music (Tupac Shakur) became very mainstream but also music genres such as country (Shania Twain)and rock (Guns N’ Roses).

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