Salsa Radio from Lebanon

Salsa is dance music that’s mostly popular in Cuba and Puerto Rico. The origine of the name ‘Salsa’ is initially originated in New York City in the 70’s. Salsa is a music style that comes from the American Jazz and Cuban Son. Nowadays the music is played all over the world but it has achieved the most popularity in Latin-American countries. Besides de son, salsa is also related to other South-American music style like Merengue, bachata, bolero and so on. Every Salsa song has a specific rhythmic motif where dancers and musicians can orient themselves to. There’s also a specific dance for this genre , namely the Salsa dance. A salsa band mostly consists out of instruments like timbales, bongo’s , congas, saxophone, trumpets piano and of course claves. The more modern bands sometimes use a keyboard instead of a piano. The lead singers in a salsa band are called soneros, rumberos or pregoneros. The first band that mostly played salsa songs was the Joe Cuba Sextet. Marc Anthony is a famous Salsa musician that a sold the most records in the Salsa genre. He has won 2 Grammy awards and even 4 Latin Grammys. The singer has already sold more than 12 million albums all over the world. Other musicians that played an important role in this music style where Celia Cruz, Ray Baretto and Willie Colon. Celia Cruz was one of the singers who had a huge impact in the salsa world. Before she became a solo artist she was a part of Sonora Matancera. After Fidel Castro became prime minister she left the country for the United States where she had a big career. After her solo career she became a member of Fania All-stars. This was a salsa band including the best salsa musicians like Ray Baretto, Hector Lavoe and many more. Different subgenres that emerged from salsa are: - Salsa romantic - Sala dura

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