Religious Radio from Nicaragua

Religious music or also called sacred music are songs that are performed or composed with the aim of using them in a religious way. There are different categories in this music genre, a few of these are: Christian Music, Jewish Music, Hindu Music and maybe the most popular Genre in this Genre, Rastafarian Music. After this paragraph, we will give you a list of all Religious music categories. Rastafarian is probably the most listened category because the other categories aren’t very popular by the people who aren’t interested in that religion. That’s not the case with Rastafarian music because also people from other religions or people who don’t believe in a religion listen to Reggae music. The different categories in the Religious Music genre are: - Christian Music - Hindu Music - Sikh Music - Jewish Music - Islamic Music - Rastafarian Music - Shinto Music - Buddhist music - Zoroastrian Music The first music that was played in the Christian Churches came from Jewish worship music. This Music wasn’t realy sang but more spoken, it was something in between. Another possibility is that the Christian Music came from an ascetic monastic order. Buddhist music are song used in ritual or meditation by Buddhists. Music that’s also related to this genre are: - Gospel Music - Church Music - Spiritual Music - Liturgical Music There’s also a festival for this genre, namely the ‘World Sacred Music Festival’ and the first place where the festival was held was the holy city Fes in Morocco . It’s a worldwide festival witch now takes place in Los Angeles every 3 years. The festival was originated by ‘The Dalai Lama’ in 1999 where they wanted to celebrate the Human Spirit. The World Sacred Music Festival is Sponsored every year by Interfaith Work which Is a non-profit company.

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