Top 40 Radio from South Sudan

The top 40 list is a list of the most popular songs in a country. Almost all the countries have a top 40 or else a top 100. The top 40 is a genre, but it’s made out of all different genres that are being played a lot on the radio and been bought by internet or cd. The Top 40 has the most up to date music that’s been broadcasted on the radio in that particular country and the best-selling music at the particular moment. Top 40 genre is also the easy name for the Contemporary hit radio genre and is a well-known genre. The Top 40 term first started in 1951 and was a list of songs that were played a lot or newly released and radio stations made use of this system. Top 40 is associated with the term popular music and that’s why it’s a genre type that a lot of people listen to and are happy with listening. In the late 1980s and early 1990s the top 40 decreased in popularity and needed a lot more support in getting the genre back to where it was. The top 40 songs were now decided by the sales of cassettes, CD’s, digital MP3 sales and the amount of times it was played on the radio(air). Top 40 started to change from there on. The top 40 is very different in every country that has a top 40. The most countries have all the songs that are internationally very popular at that particular moment in their top 40, but local songs also get into the top 40 if the sales are good for the song. Top 40 is a genre that has different genres within the top 40 genre and that makes it a very divers genre to listen to.

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