Indie Radio from Sri Lanka

Independent(indie) music is mostly rock orientated music that profiles itself by its attitude towards commercial, popular mainstream music. Most indie bands are not a part of a record label and they act independent for themselves. There is a lot of different types of indie like indierock, indiepop, indiefolk and even indietronica. These are popular styles of commercial music, but with an indie twist to it. Most popular indie music type has to be indierock and they are very different to other styles of music. Indierock has also been called a postmodern genre within the world of music. A lot of bands within the indie genre are independent and are not a part of a record label, but not all of them are independent in this type of way. With their image they create they want to resist against the culture the mainstream creates and that’s the type of music they produce. Some indiebands of artists grow into huge world-wide superstars with the likes of Nirvana and even Irish band was considered an indieband. During the revolution of punk music in the 1970’s the world of pop stars changed because everybody could be a hero on stage. David Bowie and Pink Floyd were untouchable stars, but with the revolution of punk everybody had the chance to be an great artist/hero on stage. They dressed different compared to the popular pop artists of that time to make a point to the world. These guys were very wealthy and that’s why indie artists dressed different and you would hear the difference in music. Especially England was a country that really gave a big push forward to modern age indie music and indie music is a very popular type of music all over the world. Small bands ended up being very big starts with the likes of the Script, Gotye and many more.

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