Trance Radio from Suisse

In the 90’s trance did a very promising start in Europe, at this moment Trance is one of the most influential music genres in the whole music scene. At the time, many of currently popular groups, artist and titles started incorporate trance sound into their own recordings. Trance was officially not commercial, but the last years trance became more popular and getting more publicity. On TV channels such as MTV, and in the press. Pop and rock stars are starting to collaborate with or even outsource their recordings to trance music composers and producers. Perhaps the most (ambiguous) genre of dance music, the trance music could be described as a melodic more or less freeform style of music. There is no strict description of trance, the most of trance songs characterized as accessible and having epic and rifting qualities. A basic trance song started with a particular melodic or vocal hook, which is given by a presence over a bassline. The beats and the most important moments includes a snare or kick drum. Not all trance songs fits that profile and often times a song's classification as trance has just as much to do with who is playing it as what it sounds like. The best way to generally describe the trance genre is that of dance music based around rifts and anthems, which can be either highly energetic or very chilled out. Trance tracks often intermix major and minor chords to create "epic" sounding, similar to classical organ music. Most trance is built around the 4/4 beat, and a lot of trance can be very uplifting. The most popular trance artist is Dutchmen Armin van Buuren, he travels around the whole world to play his last songs. Other popular trance artist are : DJ Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Carl Cox, Sander Kleinenberg and Paul Oakenfold.

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