Ambient Radio from Syria

Ambient music is a style of music that puts some emphasis tone and atmosphere over tradiotional type of music or some rhythm. People also call this type of music as : atmospheric, visual and unobtrusive quality. Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting. This genre is founded in the United Kingdom when new sound making devices were being introduced widely. Ambient developed in the 1970s from the experimental and synthesizer-oriented styles of the period. Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre en Vangelis has all influenced the genre of ambient music. The Ambient music had a revival toward the late 80’s, with some influences of house, techno and dance music. In the early 1990s artists such as Aphex Twin were being called ambient house, ambient techno, IDM or "ambient" by the media. Genre has also some subgenres, for example : dark ambient, ambient house, ambient industrial, ambient dub, psybient and ambient trance. Ambient House was found in the late 80’s and is a mix of ambient music with house influences. This music is characteristic by four-on-the-floor beats, vocal samples and synth pads. Ambient house tracks generally lack a diatonic center and feature much atonality along with synthesized chords. Illbient is another form of ambient house music. The song Substrata from Biosphere is the most popular ambient song all time. It sounds at turns like floating though the space, sitting on a ice mountain travelling down a frozen beautiful river. People call this song as a true masterpiece of the ambient music. It is truly a work of art that can be listened to (or rather, slept to) again and again: it almost never grows tiring, because it takes you to so many places. A beautiful old ambient song!

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