Lounge Radio from Tajikistan

Lounge music is a description of very popular music in de 50’s and the 60’s genres such exotica, easy listening and space age pop. Lounge music ranges wonderful music-influenced instrumentals, to modern electric with chill out or downtempo influences. While its focus on retro-space-age cultural elements. The earliest forms of lounge music were in the 20’s and the 30’s also know as ‘light’ music. Lounge music is officially a form of ‘mood’ music, this music create the feeling of being at another beautiful place such as a paradise or a jungle. Lounge music also refer to music played in lounges and bar of hotels and casino, to create a specific atmosphere. Lounge music came from urban cultures all over the world, see hipsters relaxing and drinking in cafes and bars. The background music to the conversations is going to be similar in most cases. Electronic downtempo beats help to create the laid-back by the people that came to your (lounge)bar. Over the years, lounge music has become so popular that many people want to enjoy it within their homes as well. Those who do not want to sift through the manifold compilations and albums make use of the many quality web-radio streams. The most important thing of lounge music is that it should not disturb your conversation. It feels comfortable and relaxed and it put your and your body in the right mood. In short, with the lounge music you get in the right mood and you feel like standing in a tropical country or island. Ibiza lounge is also very popular by lounge music fans. Very comfortable while you’re lying on the beach, that is also the reason why many beach bars turn up this music for their customers.

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