News 1130

Listen Live to News1130 - CKWX Radio. Vancouver Breaking News, Traffic, Weather and Sports. News 1130 – CKWX Radio is a commercial radio station in Vancouver, Canada. Throughout the day, the radio deejays of Vancouver CityNews keep you up to date about the most recent news, with news about traffic and the weather in particular. They aim to report the weather forecast every ten minutes, so that their listeners will not go out in the rain or will put on suncream to prevent sunburn. Traffic alerts are also broadcasted regularly for listeners that prefer listening to the radio in traffic. Besides their special attention for the weather and traffic jams, CityNews 1130 provides information about sports and business at a quarter to and past the hour, reporting matches and market changes. The primary goal of CityNews 1130 is broadcasting the news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is not only the perfect radio station for citizens of Vancouver who want to know what the weather of traffic is like. Imagine you are a tourist going to Vancouver, CityNews 1130 is the first to tell you what to wear today or when your airplane is departing from the airport. Likewise, businesspeople who are here for a business trip are immediately informed about everything they need to know about Vancouver. In short, if you are interested in the weather, traffic, sports, business statistics or breaking news related to Vancouver, CityNews 1130 is the radio station you must listen to.

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