Energiya Zhizni - Energy of Life

Non-profit 24/7 web radio from Yermolino, Russia Music is always near to man, in the most joyful or saddest moments of his life. The first melody heard in my life will never be forgotten. The music lives parallel to our reality, sometimes radically changing it. If you are willing to be surprised, if you wait for the new experiences, seek forward, but not fall off from the past, then our radio is just for you! Any nation can best be learn by the way he sings. The division into genres is very relative, the point is, what is the message inherent in music. We do not divide on outdated and supernova, she's always young and diverse, bold and stubborn. It is a mistake to present it as a commodity, even though today is such a insanely stupid approach. We try to resist it, choosing for you the best, the brightest and unusual from the world of music. Also expect a great transfer and regular news bulletins. Radio must be honest and responsible. We try to be exactly like this.

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