Urban Fusion Media

Urban Fusion Media A Digital Publishing Media Group which specializes in Music, Artist, DJ’s etc. It was established in 2013 by Orange Room Media. Urban Fusion Media: 1. Magazine 2. Radio 3. TV Is the second longest running on-line Magazine, Radio and TV i Media n Pretoria. It's aims is to recognize the artistic & cultural contributions of local filmmakers,musicians,models everything happening around Pretoria and to provide diverse, meaningful portrayals of the queer community. Urban Fusion ones interviewed the world number 1 wealth couch Mr JT Foxx (Feb 2 2015) Urban Fusion is an online urban Media which prides itself of Afrocentric content that is Informative & entertaining. We are also working on having a frequency and this will make us different from other Local Radio Stations as we will be accessed through frequency and online. The mandate of Urban Fusion is to provide a voice to the whole world and marginalized communities. The Radio&r

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