The Benevolent Grace Internet Radio Show

The Benevolent Grace Radio show is a radio show where a group of people scattered across the globe have come together to share Grace. To seek out information that will allow a person to find the comfort provided by a positive and thriving relationship with Christ. The type of relationship that is talked about among friends and family yet rarely ever achieved. Not because a person is not good enough or close enough to God ! It is due to the fact so many individuals try to make Grace fit their lives instead of them fitting the life of Grace... " The Benevolent Grace Radio Show " is here to assist and guide those who seek to bring that divine spark in all of us to the light of day... Scripture describes a Church as a place where people come together to share their success stories and experiences with Grace. Not a place where people congregate to suffer and become caught up in religious ceremonies and words of sin and sinner .. Please consider joining us,.. to learn from each oth

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